Thursday, 14 April 2016

a trip to: the vip experience at cineworld sheffield

Cineworld Sheffield have recently introduced their first VIP cinema experience here in good old Sheffield and I'd been so excited to give it a go. Our three year anniversary (I still can't believe it's already been that long!) came around and was obviously the perfect excuse, so off we went to watch Deadpool. Romantic, huh? It actually turned out to be one of the best films I've seen in a while but shhh, don't tell Joel I said that.

Tickets for the VIP experience are £29.00 each. I know that this probably sounds ridiculously expensive for a trip to the cinema but when you factor in everything you get I think it's a really good price, especially if it's for a bit of a special occasion like we made it. We arrived at the cinema 45 minutes before the film which is when the VIP lounge opens. Once we entered the lounge a lovely member of staff gave us a quick explanation of everything that's on offer and showed us to a table. Next up it was time for an unlimited buffet and soft drinks. The food on offer was lovely. There was a selection of pizzas, pastas, salad, soups, etc as well as various desserts. Don't get me wrong, it's not 5 star restaurant quality but would anyone really expect that?? Everything I tried was tasty (shout out in particular to the potato salad!) so there were no complaints from me at all. There's also a private bar on hand if you fancy buying an alcoholic tipple. The only tiny let down for us on the night we visited was that the lift up to the private toilets wasn't working, but I guess that's out of the cinemas hands and wasn't a biggy really!

The doors to the cinema screen opened up after everyone had pretty much finished with the buffet so of course we dashed straight to the cinema snacks area which again are completely unlimited. We'd been careful not to over-do it with the buffet but we still looked greedy with popcorn, hotdogs and nachos! If they're unlimited you've just gotta do it though, right? With our hands very full we then (carefully) made our way into the screening. Even though it's quite an intimate room with only 40 seats there was so much room! The chairs are also SO darn comfy. They're 'lazy boy' style seats that have a little table and even.. recline. Ugh, I could've fallen asleep I felt so relaxed.

In my opinion the VIP experience is such a great treat, even if it's something you only do once. It was easily the best trip to a cinema I've ever had and I'll definitely be going again in the future.

Would a VIP cinema experience be something you'd try?

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