Friday, 4 March 2016

the "perks" of a pet cat

Nearly two years ago now our little diva of a mog, Milly, walked into our lives. Like, quite literally walked through our front door one night and made herself at home. We have no idea where she came from although I think she may have been a stray for a while as she can still be quite feral when she wants to be.. not that you'd think it with that cute lil face. I posted on Facebook asking if she was anyone's cat and took her to the vets to see if she was micro-chipped but it was a no. So, after persuading Joel A LOT, we decided to keep her. Joel has never ever been a cat person but Milly has turned him into a big softy with her feline ways. Since she's been a part of our family our eyes have certainly been opened to some of the "perks" of having a pet cat:

Tidying up feels pointless most of the time - I'm 99% sure that Milly waits until I've just finished wiping the kitchen sides then she'll jump up and walk all over them. Thanks Mills, it's not like we have to prepare food on there or anything.. *gets disinfectant back out* Ugh. Not to mention the (what seems like) millions of cat hairs that are everywhere.

They have no shame when it comes to guests - Why is it that whenever you have someone round, that's the exact time your cat decides to do the smelliest poop in their litter tray?

Their bum. Your face. - I've lost count of the number of times I've woken up and the first delightful sight I've had is Milly's bum right next to my face.

A lack of privacy - Having a nice relaxing bath? Using the loo? Having sex? "No problem," says your cat "I'll just sit here and watch."

Buying new furniture is a risky business - She may have a scratching post and endless toys but that doesn't matter. Milly would rather use our new sofa as a play thing for her claws every now and again. Sob.

Mood swings worse than a teenager - You can be stroking and having a happy little cuddle with puss and then it's a ninja attack out of nowhere with their claws because they've had enough in the space of one second.

Despite of all the above we couldn't be without our Milly now. The biggest actual perk of owning a cat is that they're loyal, funny, cute and witty little creatures who make the perfect pet.

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