Tuesday, 5 January 2016

hello 2016

Okay, I know you're probably fed up of reading these resolutions posts but one more little one won't hurt, right?

2015 was a horrible year for me for the most part. I lost a lot of dear family members, including my amazing Grandpa, who I miss so much. I just feel like I had dark clouds hanging over me most of the time, with a few rays of light shining through. The best of that light was when we bought our first little house. Us.. home owners! It still doesn't feel real now even though we've been in the house for a month. I'm planning to give you all a little tour at some point in the future, I just can't quite decide whether to do the whole house in one post or split it up into rooms.

Anyway, (before I start rambling on about all of the pretty things I want to purchase for the house) if there's one thing that last year has taught me it's that I need to start living my life because anything could happen at any time. I've let my anxiety stop me from doing pretty much everything for the past 7 years (!!!) but now that I feel like I'm starting to conquer it it's time to start enjoying my life. So, with that in mind, here are a few things I'd quite like to achieve at some point this year:

  • Travel abroad - That's right, I've never left the UK in my life. I feel a little embarrassed about it for some reason, but after this year I won't be. My Grandpa would always tell me that I should see the world while I was young with no responsibilities. I'm so sorry that he didn't get to see me achieve it, but hopefully I can make him proud now. Joel and I have already decided that our first destination is going to be a few days in Amsterdam so if anyone has any recommendations for hotels/places to eat/things to do I'm all ears!

  • Blog regularly - I've always been a very sparodical blogger so I want to start trying to become organised and post on a more regular basis. It's something that I really enjoy so I need to give myself a kick up the bum and keep on top of it.

  • Attend a blogging event/meet other bloggers - On the back of the last goal, I'd LOVE to attend an event at some point and meet some lovely fellow bloggers. This will be pretty scary because I'm such a shy little thing but I know it'll do my confidence wonders.

  • Become a healthier person - I'm not going lie to you, I'm one of the laziest potatoes that you'll ever meet. I really need to start working out regularly, eating more healthily and taking care of my mental health instead of letting things build up until I'm ready to explode aka have a massive cry to poor old Joel.

  • Take more photographs - I've been looking at old family photos a lot recently and the thought of not having many memories to look back on makes me sad so I definitely intend on taking my camera out with me on every trip/occasion, or even just snapping more photos on my phone.

Do you have any goals and aims for this year?

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