Wednesday, 27 January 2016

bargain beauty buys : wilko dry shampoo

Everyone loves a good bargain, right? Whether it's getting some sort of discount at your favourite place to eat or finding a beaut item of clothing in a charity shop, you just can't complain. I've decided to start doing a series of posts on the things I buy that I reckon are a bargain and hopefully you might just see a thing or two that you'd like to try for yourself.

First on the old agenda is something that I was recommended by my dad's girlfriend. She told me it's the best type of this product that she'd ever used so I picked it up one day on a whim and I've never looked back. What I'm talking about is Wilko's own brand dry shampoo. Yep, really. I've always thought that in the world of dry shampoo it was either Batiste or go home, which puzzled me as Batiste never really seemed to do much for my hair. To the point where I convinced myself that I must be using it incorrectly because everyone else seems to rave about it. I'm not saying it's a rubbish product, of course, but it just personally didn't do anything for me. *shrugs*

So, back to Wilko's. These marvellous 200ml cans of spray are 95p each (!!!). Which is riduculous for how good I find this product. Ridiculous, but fantastic. I tend to stock up whenever I visit one of the stores just incase they ever decide to discontinue it. (Please don't Wilko, I beg you.) There are a few different types of the dry shampoo including: normal, fragranced, volume and brunette. My personal favourite is the volume one with fragranced in a close second. Even though the spray on both is white it blends in perfectly and just leaves my hair feeling so clean and refreshed. My hair is stupidly fine and tends to become greasy in no time at all meaning I used to wash it every day. Bad Kate, I know. However with this dry shampoo I can now easily miss a day and sometimes even two which is basically unknown for me. I also feel like my hair is slowly getting into better condition now I'm not over-washing it. 

For the little amount of 95p I reckon you should give one of these a go and see if you're as impressed as me!

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