Saturday, 22 August 2015

life lately

Hello lovely readers of mine. If there are any of you left. I really wouldn't blame you with how much of a terrible blogger I am! Life has been particularly hectic over the past month or so. Some of it good hectic, and some of it bad hectic. I suppose we'll get the bad stuff out of the way first..

My lovely, funny, mischievous Grandpa passed away last week and to say that I am devastated does not do it justice. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year so in a way we'd come to expect it, but in all honesty I still thought he had some time left with us as he seemed happy enough in himself. However his time came to an end on Sunday and I'm heartbroken. He was just the best Grandpa a girl could ever have asked for and words can't describe how much I'm going to miss him. On top of this my cousin and great uncle also passed away a few weeks before, so it's safe to say that my family have had a tough year. I'm hoping more than anything that 2016 will be a better one for us.

Now for the good news..

We've kind of gone and bought a house !!!

Yep, Joel and I are definitely now official adults. It's ridiculously exciting but also very scary. We're still waiting to move in yet so you'll have to make do with the photos that the estate agents took, but I promise to take some better ones and introduce you to our new little home when we've settled in. I'm now determined to make blogging a regular thing too as I'll be having a proper little space somewhere for it and we'll finally have some bloody wifi!

Now I think it's time for me to go and have a read of the (what seems like) millions of posts that I've missed over the past month. I probably won't post again for a while but please bear with me and I'll be back for good this time. Thank you to anyone who does and also everyone that has done so far!

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