Wednesday, 1 April 2015

mini homeware haul

Pineapple Candle - Primark | Mug - Primark | Marble Plate - H&M | Wall Hangings - Jysk
I never thought I'd see the day but lately I find myself more excited over the prospect of buying homewares rather than clothes. Maybe I'm finally starting to grow up... kind of. As I've mentioned before our flat is an on-going project. That still doesn't stop me buying the 'final touches' for it. Our bedroom just needs another coat of paint then it's pretty much finished. (Deciding that I wanted white was not my finest idea with the green walls that were there before.) So when I was out and about last month I couldn't resist buying some little bits. All of the above (with the exception of the mug) will be in there eventually and most of them were absolute bargains. I can't remember the exact prices but they were something like: £6.99 for the plate (which is the most expensive by far), £1.50 for the candle holder and 90p for the mug which were reduced in Primark, then £2.50 for the big wall hanging and 70p for the small one.
Primark seem to have completely upped their game recently in terms of homeware and I love that it seems to be pineapples galore at the moment! I've got my eyes on their pineapple duvet set next which will be perfect for the spring/summer time coming up. I'd never even heard of Jysk before until one opened up locally a few months ago. It reminds me of a mini Ikea and they have some great little finds dashed about the place. I know that every blogger and their nan seem to have the H&M marble plate but it really is gorgeous. I was in two minds about paying seven quid for it because it's not the biggest thing in the world but I reckon it will definitely come in handy for blog photos and such as well as a little tray for cups of tea/coffee.
What has been your favourite recent homeware purchase?


  1. I love the look of the wall hangings I may have to get some myself!! Asia x

  2. Those wall hangings look so adorable I may have to get some myself :D

    Asia x

  3. I've been lusting over that pineapple candle for quite some time 😍🍍

  4. You should! They're such a bargain :) x


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