Sunday, 22 March 2015

wishlist # 2 - george home

Good Morning Beautiful Cushion
Good Morning Handsome Cushion
Glass Table Lamp - Floral Print
Yellow Ceramic Honeycomb Frame
Retro Spot Bowls - Set of 2
Globe Ornament
Tree Clock
Need for Tea Mug
Whale Bathroom Set

As you possibly already know I moved in with my boyfriend towards the end of last year. Our little flat wasn't the nicest place in the world but we've been lucky that we're able to pretty much do what we want with it despite renting. So far it's had some new coats of paint, new carpets and we've even splashed out on a swanky new sofa. It's getting there but we're not the biggest earners in the world so it's still a work in process and probably will be for a while yet.

The George Home & Garden range at Asda has been one of my saviours when it comes to beautiful homeware on a budget. To look at the items that they sell I don't think you'd ever guess that they'd be from a supermarket brand! The next room on my list is our bathroom where I'm wanting a bit of a nautical theme (predictable, I know!) and the above set is lovely. I'm not sure how you make whales look sophisticated but they've managed to do it somehow. Everything is just so affordable and really well made too. Sometimes when you shop on a budget you have to sacrifice the quality of your items but this definitely isn't the case with George.

Where is your favourite place to shop for homeware?


  1. That lamp is gorgeous and the clock reminds me of Rob Ryan's artwork. I love George too, Matalan and Wilkinson's have good bargains too!

    ox Lucy

  2. Yeah Wilkinson's is also one of my favourites for a bargain! :)

  3. aw those cushions are lovely, they'd look great on my guest bed!

    Jade x
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