Sunday, 29 March 2015

top five : phone apps

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm someone who is a bit of a mobile phone addict. Ever since that fateful day that I bought an iPhone I've been absolutely hooked. There seems to be an app for everything around nowadays. From social media, to fitness, to games that make you want to tear your hair out yet you still carry on playing them (currently looking at you Mr Jump!). Here are the top five that are currently on my phone:

#1 Instagram
How is it that taking photos of your meal, new clothes, or even a bloody chest of drawers that you've just fallen in love with in Ikea is so addictive? Somehow Instagram makes it so. Whether you're an expert photographer or just like to take loads of selfies (and everything in between) it's the app for you. To be fair it's not all about the photos for me. I've gotten to know some lovely people through this app and discovered some amazing photographers too. 

#2 Twitter
Another social media favourite of mine is Twitter. The app is so simple to use and the layout is sleek and very user-friendly. I don't think I've ever known it to glitch either (unlike the facebook app which can be very hit and miss in my opinion). What I like about Twitter is the diversity. You can read up on the news and what's going on in the world, or you can retweet something that's had you giggling like a loon for ten minutes. Oh and just to repeat myself, this is another app that I've met some lovely people on and will hopefully get to meet sometime soon.

#3 Bejeweled Blitz
I don't even know if anyone still plays this because I realise the craze for it was a couple of years ago now but it's still one of my favourite game apps. Basically you match coloured gems for points and there are special gems with power-ups, double points, etc. Each game only lasts 1 minute so if I find myself with a couple of minutes of boredom or I'm waiting around for something then it's perfect.

#4 Timehop
Now who doesn't love looking at old photos of themselves from five years ago when they had that awful hairstyle? Or when they were in the middle of that emo stage? Or when they were dressed in an outfit that at the time felt super cool but in actual fact made them look like a sack of potatos? Timehop goes back through your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc every day and let's you know what you've posted in the past. I've had some pretty terrible posts come up but also some great nostalgic moments which totally make up for the horrors.

#5 QuizUp
Just to make myself sound very sad I do love a good quiz. Not that I'm particularly good at them mind. QuizUp pits you against another player from around the world in quizzes under pretty much every topic you could think of. It really brings out the competitive side in you. I'm pretty badass on the Lost topics but my Geography leaves a lot to be desired..

What are your favourite phone apps?
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  1. Definitely love quiz up! I like some good general knowledge questions. I really like 2048 and temple run recently! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ooh I'd never heard of 2048. Just given it a download as it looks interesting! x


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