Wednesday, 4 March 2015

callie rose : world map watch

Today's post is all about this beautiful watch from the online shop Callie Rose. I first discovered them last month on twitter and had a little browse at what they had to offer. They specialise in jewellery but are also starting to branch out into other items such as headbands, keyrings and the cutest quotes which are framed. I've always been a sucker for watches so this one instantly jumped out at me. It was also a bonus that I've been wanting a watch with a world map on it for what seems like forever. There was no way I was missing out with this one!

I ordered my gorgeous watch (which was an absolute bargain at just £3.00!) one lunch time and was amazed when it turned up the very next morning. Fast postage is always a massive plus in my books when it comes to online shops so that was one box ticked already and I'd not even opened the package yet! The next thing I loved was that some sweeties and a little heart-shaped tealight candle had been popped into the parcel with my watch. It was such a lovely touch and everyone loves a freebie, right? Now finally onto the watch itself.. The face is a decent size which is something I personally like and the map is such a pleasant pop of colours. The strap has plenty of holes to adjust the size which is much appreciated when it comes to my child-like wrists. All in all I adore this watch and cannot wait to order from Callie Rose again in the very near future!

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  1. £3.00!!! I thought I was going to read this and it was going to be like £60! it's a beautiful watch, I'm off to go have a look at Callie Rose now!

    Jade x
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