Saturday, 14 March 2015

bobbi brown makeup counter experience

To say I blog about beauty products, I'm not actually that much of a make up wearer. During the week at work I don't wear a single scrap of it. I'd honestly just rather have those few extra minutes in bed. Then if I go out anywhere during the evening/weekend I'll put on a bit of powder and maybe some mascara and lipstick. I've just never been very skilled at it. At all. It makes me so envious when I see people out and about, or even on Instagram/Twitter, with the most flawless faces of make up. So I've decided to try and teach myself bit by bit. I think it'll be a very long time before I get to the likes of contouring but I'll be happy just to be able to put on eyeliner evenly to be honest. One of my main problems has always been with foundation. I'm ridiculously pale and any liquid foundations that I've tried in the past have been too orange or yellow. I decided to ask my lovely Instagram followers if they could recommend something for me and they were so helpful. Bobbi Brown seemed to be a popular choice so off on a trip I went.

I have always been a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to make up counters. I tend to feel quite intimidated and a little overwhelmed. Sometimes it even feels like I'm being judged because of the obvious lack of make up on my face, but then maybe that's just me being a little paranoid. Luckily I had absolutely nothing to worry about when it came to my local Bobbi Brown counter at House of Fraser in Meadowhall. I wish I'd known the name of the fabulous lady who helped me out because she made me feel so at ease.

When I explained that I was looking for a foundation she asked me to take a seat and did a shade match first of all. This was done with one of their Skin Foundation Sticks. The first that she tried was a little too pink, which she explained and showed to me in a mirror. The next was Porcelain which was pretty much perfect and, again, I was shown in the mirror. After she made sure I was completely happy with how I'd been matched I was asked what kind of foundation I'd prefer and what my skin type was. I answered this with something light (but with the possibility to build it up if I ever wanted to) and combination skin, and the lady decided on the Skin Foundation with SPF 15. She then worked her magic on my face, recommending her favourite way to apply (with a foundation brush). Once again I was shown the results in the mirror and I was so happy! The foundation was lovely and light but at the same time had given me a flawless look. The lady then finally asked if I wanted to purchase the product that I'd tried and of course I said yes. I appreciated that she wasn't at all pushy which some sales people can be. It was always totally up to me and what I was happy with. I'm really glad that I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and went away delighted with my purchase.

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