Sunday, 22 February 2015

[very mini] haul : primark

Since moving in to my own place I have quickly learned that I cannot fritter money away like I used to on clothes, accessories and beauty products. Now I need to pay bills, buy food, decorate the flat, and various other grown up stuff. As shallow as it sounds I do find it really hard because I've always been a shopaholic. Buying something from the likes of Topshop is now a very rare treat and I tend to stick to the more budget end. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing though because, as I'm sure you're all aware, Primark sell everything on-trend at the fraction of the prices of other high street shops. When pay day came around on Friday we had a little spare cash after everything was accounted for so I thought I'd treat myself to a few things.

How bloody gorgeous are these boots!? I originally saw them posted on Primark's instagram page and just knew that I HAD to have them. So I pretty much scoured every shelf in my local shop until I found them. I'm usually no good with even the teeniest of heels but these are so comfy to wear (I've basically wore them none stop since buying them Friday).

Now, I may turn 24 in May this year but is that going to stop me from buying Powerpuff Girls socks? Hell no! The girl behind the counter even said that she was planning on buying a pair when her shift had finished because they're so cute.

I'm not really sure if it's appropriate to post pics of your undies on the internet but oh well. You really can't go wrong with Primark's knickers. Two of these pairs were £1 and the other £1.50. I usually buy a couple of pairs every time I visit but then maybe I'm just a bit obsessed!

Finally (and probably the most boring thing of all, sorry!) is this pack of bobbles. I don't know how I do it but I lose bobbles like there's no tomorrow. These will keep me going for a little while I suppose..

Have you made any Primark purchases lately?


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