Sunday, 15 February 2015

review - lee stafford treatment 'for hair that never grows past a certain length'

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment 200ml - £8.49 from Boots

When I was little my hair was super long (almost down to my bum infact) but of course when I became a teenager I started experimenting with it and made the awful decision to chop a lot of it off. No worries as it grew back eventually but then I made the even sillier mistake about three or four years ago to have a bob. I've made some terrible choices when it comes to hairstyles but that was my worst. Don't get me wrong, bobs look gorgeous on the right people but I am not one of them. To make matters worse my hair has just never grown the same again for goodness knows what reason. At the end of last year it was only a few inches below my shoulders. After years. Cue this little tub of goodness that I stumbled upon in Boots. Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to tell you that this stuff is a miracle worker and I'm now rivaling Rapunzel but it really does seem to be doing something.

The tub pretty much explains itself: "Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment with PRO-GROWTH™ Complex, contains a protein-based complex to fertilise your follicles to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum potential length." Please don't ask me to get all technical because I wouldn't know where to begin in all honesty but basically this mask focuses on your roots, rather than the ends of your hair, and helps to strengthen the hair from growth. What you have to do is apply on your roots (for the main) and work your way down to the tips after you have shampooed, leave for five minutes before rinsing off, and then follow with your conditioner. The recommended amount on the tub is an egg-sized blob (bit of a weird one!) but I personally think that would be too much and the whole tub would run out after five or six uses! If I'm having a soak in the bath I also leave it on a lot longer than five minutes but during a shower I stick with that time and my hair still feels silky soft afterwards. For the first few weeks I used this every time I washed my hair but now I tend to use it just once or twice a week. I know there will be skeptical people when it comes to a product like this but, as I mentioned earlier, it really does seem to be working for me. My hair has grown at least an inch already from only a couple of months using this treatment. Even my hairdresser commented on how much it had grown when she saw me last time in January.

My hair is now honestly the best condition it's been in for a long while and also smells amazing on top of that thanks to this delightful tub.

Results - 5/5
Price - 4/5
Packaging - 5/5
Overall - 5/5

Have you tried the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment? Was it a hit or a miss for you?


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