Saturday, 22 August 2015

life lately

Hello lovely readers of mine. If there are any of you left. I really wouldn't blame you with how much of a terrible blogger I am! Life has been particularly hectic over the past month or so. Some of it good hectic, and some of it bad hectic. I suppose we'll get the bad stuff out of the way first..

My lovely, funny, mischievous Grandpa passed away last week and to say that I am devastated does not do it justice. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year so in a way we'd come to expect it, but in all honesty I still thought he had some time left with us as he seemed happy enough in himself. However his time came to an end on Sunday and I'm heartbroken. He was just the best Grandpa a girl could ever have asked for and words can't describe how much I'm going to miss him. On top of this my cousin and great uncle also passed away a few weeks before, so it's safe to say that my family have had a tough year. I'm hoping more than anything that 2016 will be a better one for us.

Now for the good news..

We've kind of gone and bought a house !!!

Yep, Joel and I are definitely now official adults. It's ridiculously exciting but also very scary. We're still waiting to move in yet so you'll have to make do with the photos that the estate agents took, but I promise to take some better ones and introduce you to our new little home when we've settled in. I'm now determined to make blogging a regular thing too as I'll be having a proper little space somewhere for it and we'll finally have some bloody wifi!

Now I think it's time for me to go and have a read of the (what seems like) millions of posts that I've missed over the past month. I probably won't post again for a while but please bear with me and I'll be back for good this time. Thank you to anyone who does and also everyone that has done so far!

Monday, 6 July 2015

iconemesis : gemma correll pugs case for iphones*

I don't know about you, but I'm slightly obsessed with phone cases. As the owner of an iPhone (ugh, sorry about how pretentious that sounds!) I'm always terrified of dropping it, and there's also the problem of the dreaded unsightly fingerprints all over the back of it. So when Iconemesis very kindly offered me the chance at trying one of their cases it was definitely a big yes!

Iconemesis are a brand that launched back in 2011 and they collaborate with a host of artists/illustrators to create an eclectic range of cases for iPhones. I've seen so many positive comments all over various social media platforms so I was very excited to be able to test out one of their fabulous cases.

There is such a lovely range of cases, and I was torn between so many of them, but in the end I went for the Gemma Correll Pugs Case* which is a colourful and funky little number and just so happens to be the design of one of my favourite illustrators. The first thing that impressed me was that the design is printed onto the case so sharply and professionally. I've bought cases in the past that were more expensive than this one is priced (usually £15 but is currently reduced to £10!) and the quality of them has been terrible in comparison. This one is just so glossy, smooth and sturdy. It also fits my phone like a glove leaving it feeling much less vulnerable if I do end up dropping it, yet at the same time it's hardly any bulkier.

So far I've had my case on for just under two weeks and it still looks as good as when I took it out of it's box, whereas some previous cases have looked grubby after a couple of days! If you have an iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 or 6 Plus then I'd definitely recommend taking a look at the Iconemesis website.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

cat therapy : a colouring book for adults

A colouring book? For adults? Yep, that seems to be the new craze lately. I'd imagine some people may scoff at the idea and think it's childish but after giving one a try it's safe to say that I'm firmly on board.

You may or may not know that I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. These can be especially bad at night time and I can find it difficult to get to sleep as I'll have what feels like a million thoughts running through my mind. I've tried many things to help including various 'techniques' I've read online, some herbal medications, etc etc and none have really helped. The Cat Therapy book offers relaxation and stress-relief and I've found that it really does what it says on the tin. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is some miracle cure because I don't think there's such a thing, but this book (and any other colouring book I'd imagine) just helps me to calm my mind and I can go into a relaxing little world until I feel like I can try getting to sleep.

The book itself is around A5 size and has a different, beautiful cat-inspired design on each page, with some spread out over two. There are lots of different illustrators who contributed to this book so the designs are all wonderfully different. There are cats (duh!), paw prints, leopard print, mandalas and so much more. I personally use colouring pencils but the pages are quite thick so it's possible that you could use felt tip pens if you wanted. It's a hardback book and my only niggle is that it can get a little tricky as you colour towards the spine and this then means that the spine doesn't look perfect any more but that doesn't bother me too much.

I'd recommend this book to any cat lovers in life who could do with a bit of a de-stressing tool every now and again, or even for anyone who just wants to add in a bit more creativeness when they get a spare bit of time.

What do you think of colouring in as an adult? Have you tried any books yourself?

Monday, 29 June 2015

top five : instagram accounts

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I am one of life's Instagram addicts. Whether it's posting photos of my life, or scrolling through other people's amazing feeds it's safe to say it's possibly my favourite app ever invented. As part of my Top Five series I'd like to show you a few of my favourite accounts. It was SO hard to narrow them all down to just five so I may even do another one of these at some point in the future. I also couldn't put them in any sort of order as they're all as fabulous as each other so I've cheated a little and put them in alphabetical order instead, mwaha.

charlestown92 - First up is Charlie who's outfits are to die for. She is easily my favourite fashion-based account and I wish that her wardrobe was mine. She also has a lovely mix of other photos including some tasty food and places that she travels to. I love how Charlie's photos have a different edge to them with how they are edited which gives them a vintage touch.

katymitten - Now Katy is one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever come across on the old t'internet, and I've no doubt she's just as lovely in 'real life' (I dislike that term but can never think of another way to put it!). If you're a cat lover then you really should give her feed a visit as she has the most handsome puss called Runkle who seems like the cheekiest fellow around. Katy's taste in decor is perfect and I find myself wishing that she'd come and give me some tips for our flat!

lemon_freckles - Now where to begin with Toni!? Her life is filled with pugs, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, the cutest decor and everything pastel-coloured. If that doesn't make you want to take a peek at her feed then I don't know what will! I just adore how everything is so colourful and bright. Toni is also a wonderfully creative lady who designs cards, brooches, etc. (Which reminds me: I must make a purchase soon!)

louise_eaton - Louise's photos regularly make me speechless with how utterly beautiful they are. She travels a lot and it's lovely to almost be there with her as she documents everywhere so fantastically. Her photos are always so sharp and the perspective is perfect. The photo above with the couple sat under a blossom tree is possibly one of the loveliest photos I've ever seen.

stefaniejwatson - Stef's instagram account contains the perfect mix of everything. From beauty, to fashion, to food that makes you want to eat forever. I could scroll for hours. I am also convinced that she is a literal goddess from the photos she posts of her 'make up of the day' as she always looks like perfection! I get a serious case of social media envy when it comes to this lovely lady.

Who are some of your favourite instagram accounts?

Friday, 26 June 2015

wishlist #3 : asos

Pleated Culotte Shorts | LANA Lace Up Ballet Flats | Jack Wills Buffalo Check Dress |
Ultimate Slim Coat | Skinny Twill Trousers | Popsicle Cross Body Bag

Ahhh, good old ASOS. They're always making me want to spend money that I don't have. *shakes fist* It doesn't really help that today is payday and instead of paying those pesky bills I just want to buy all of the above items. They're just a selection of the things that I've been lusting after lately. I mean come on, which woman doesn't want a bag the shape of a popsicle in her life!? I'm also loving all of the lace up shoes that are hot topic at the moment and this pair is just dreamy. Maybe I'll just pop one or two items in my basket...

What are you wishing for at the moment?

Friday, 19 June 2015

review : body shop tea tree pore minimiser

Over the past several months a big trend I've noticed on my bloglovin' feed is The Body Shop. The only time I've ever really visited in the past is to buy my nan her favourite ever scent which is good old White Musk, so I was intrigued about all of the positive posts I was seeing regarding their new skincare products. I finally made a visit on a whim at the end of May to see if anything caught my eye. I should've prepared myself beforehand really because I was fairly overwhelmed and only ended up coming away with one item, but I'll definitely do my homework and decide which other products I'd like to try for next time. (So, If you've got a favourite Body Shop product post please leave me a link in the comments as it'll be a big help!)

Now onto the item in question: The Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. First of all I love the whole look of this product. The Body Shop have great style in general with their eye-catching products, as I soon realised when I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I visited my local store, and this one is no different. It's a simple, attractive little bottle that is perfect for popping in your hand bag. I tend to find that people either love or hate the smell of tea tree but I'm firmly in the love camp and adore the scent of this. I think I'll definitely be investing in more of the tea tree range in future.

My face is a pesky little bugger that suffers from a multitude of sins including the dreaded big pores. My nose being the worst offender, of course, but also a few on my chin and top lip. (Dang do I make myself sound attractive!) This £7.50 squeezy, 30ml bottle of goodness soon helps me feel a lot less self concious though! As well as promising to reduce the size of pores (which it does, yay!) it also offers up smoother, mattified skin and is a fabulous little primer. My skin usually has a good old shine to it but this certainly does the trick and rids of that problem. This product has helped me feel a lot more confident on no make up days, which have become a regular occurrence because I'm a lazy so and so, and just generally leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed.

Results - 5/5
Price - 4/5
Packaging - 5/5
Overall - 4.5/5
Would I repurchase? Yes.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

five happy things

Life hasn't particularly been all sunshine and roses lately and I've been feeling a little lost in the world. Over the past year or so four relatives have been diagnosed with cancer; three of which are terminal. A couple of weeks ago we then lost a young member of the family very suddenly and out of the blue. My anxiety has also been absolutely terrible and well, sometimes it's hard to stay postive when it feels like everything is against you. As you can imagine, the little things that can bring you that bit of relief are super important more than ever right now which is why I'm doing this post. I just need to remind myself that there's always some good in the world, even when things don't seem like they're going to get better any time soon.
In the words of good old Dumbledore: Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Home - Our little flat isn't the swankiest of places, but it's home. It's where Joel is. It's where our kitty cat is. It's the place that I feel most safe. It's where I can cry my eyes out if needs be, where I know I'll always have someone to make me giggle and give me a cuddle, where I can sit in my slobby pyjamas and stuff my face with junk food and nobody will judge me.

Babies - Despite some of the bad news my family has had, there's also been some moments of joy. I've genuinely lost count of the number of babies that are due (both Joel and I have h-u-g-e families and it's hard to keep track!) over the coming months. Although one I definitely can't forget is my future brother or sister that I found out about last week. I won't lie, it's going to be weird having a sibling 20+ years younger than me but I'm so happy for my dad and his girlfriend!

Cats - Obviously cats just had to be included. It's funny because I have always been more of a dog person. If I'm completely honest I would say I still am but I definitely adore cats much more nowadays. Our little Milly mog the diva is a pain in the backside when she wants to be but she is like my little baby and she can always bring a smile to my face. We also have our two adopted cats at work, Sausage and Mash, who are the sweetest little kitties ever. Even when they insist on sitting on my paperwork until I give them a dreamies treat or two!

TV Series - Sometimes you just need an evening or a lazy day of doing nothing except for slobbing it in front of the telly. So thank you to all these amazing and imaginative people who create all of the TV series that I love. Special mentions to The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Brooklyn nine nine and, the the most recent show we've started, Game of Thrones.

Blogging - Duh, how could it not be on the list? Blogging is my way of relaxing and getting lost in other people's worlds. I might not have written a post myself for a couple of weeks but I've still been reading and commenting on my favourite blogs. I also love getting to know you all on twitter so please say hello if you ever fancy it!

What is making you happy lately?

Friday, 8 May 2015

sighh designs : coffee is needed phone case

What do you get when your love for coffee and one of your favourite independent retailers collide? A bloody fabulous phone case, that's what.

I've followed Polly, who is the amazing creator behind Sighh Designs, since she first launched her own shop. She's gone from strength to strength since then and has become a firm favourite of mine. I predict very big things for her future, and if you take a peek at some of her products I'm sure you'll agree.

My latest purchase from Sighh is this slinky, monochrome beauty that makes my phone a very happy chappy. I've bought a few cases before and have always been impressed with the quality, but this one seems to be even more sleek than ever. A lot of cases from other brands feel like they are going to break with the slighest movement but this one is so sturdy. I just adore how quirky and original the designs are and this one is perfect for me as there's never a time that I don't need a cup of coffee in my hand. You can tell just how much work and love Polly puts into her products.

So, if you're looking for something cute that's a little out of the ordinary, make sure you get yourself clicking to Sighh Designs.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

outfit of the day # 1

Leather jacket - Topshop | Crop top - Boohoo | Maxi skirt - Boohoo | Shoes - Primark

Nope, your eyes do not deceive you; this really is an outfit post from me. My very first one to be precise! It's quite an unusual outfit for me too as I'm not used to wearing such 'clingy' clothes. I'm usually in some sort of baggy dress with tights, but here I am with my bodycon maxi and even showing off a bit of belly! It's funny because even though people always compliment my figure I've always been terribly self concious. I've become a lot more confident over the past few years though and thought I'd give something different a try and you know what, I really did feel amazing in this outfit. Don't get me wrong it's not the most exciting of ensembles but it just made me feel good about myself which doesn't happen all that often.

I wore this when Joel and I went to the cinema to see Avengers: Age of Ultron (which I thought was really good.. though it didn't quite live up to the first one!) but we nipped to Meadowhall beforehand to buy a birthday present so I made Joel drive to a quiet part of the car park and snap a couple of photos. He wasn't very impressed, bless him! I also apologise for my very awkward pose but I'm really not a natural in front of the camera. I'm hoping that the more outfit posts I do, the more I'll learn which poses look best!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

instagram : our week off

Isn't annual leave just marvellous? We had a week off work recently and oh boy was it needed! Here's some of the things that what we got up to:


The first thing I did after leaving work on the Friday was head straight to Tesco to buy donuts. Is there any better way to celebrate ten days of doing whatever you want? Not in my books.


Monday, 6 April 2015

review : maybelline color drama velvet lip pencil in 'light it up'

Lip pencils seem to have become one of the latest lip trends in 2014/2015. Of course I would be late to the party as always and have only just purchased my first one. Red is a colour I never wear on my lips. It's just a shade that I don't usually have the confidence to go for, plus I feel like it'd completely drain me (which is somehow possible even though I already resemble Casper the Friendly Ghost!). I've been uhming and ahhing about trying one out for a few weeks so while I was having a browse in Boots last week I had a nosey at a few lipsticks and ended up going for one of the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils. I managed to get the last one in shade Light It Up which I'm sure you'll agree is very much a bright, 'classic' red.

For £4.99 a pop I think these lip pencils are a blooming bargain. They apply quite smoothly and the pigmentation is amazing. It stays all day too, and even when it eventually starts fading it's still a pleasant stain to the lips. I was a little taken aback at first because I'm not used to wearing such a pop of colour but I do think it actually suits my pale skin. (You'll have to excuse the swatch photo. I didn't have a scrap of any other makeup on so you can see my blemished, dry, blotchy-freckled skin in all it's glory. Eeeek!) I tend to have very dry lips which some lipsticks seem to highlight, and even make worse sometimes. These however made them feel soft and moisturised which was super impressive. I'll definitely be going back to buy a couple more shades.

Results - 5/5
Price - 5/5
Packaging - 5/5
Overall - 5/5

Have you tried out any lip pencils?

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

mini homeware haul

Pineapple Candle - Primark | Mug - Primark | Marble Plate - H&M | Wall Hangings - Jysk
I never thought I'd see the day but lately I find myself more excited over the prospect of buying homewares rather than clothes. Maybe I'm finally starting to grow up... kind of. As I've mentioned before our flat is an on-going project. That still doesn't stop me buying the 'final touches' for it. Our bedroom just needs another coat of paint then it's pretty much finished. (Deciding that I wanted white was not my finest idea with the green walls that were there before.) So when I was out and about last month I couldn't resist buying some little bits. All of the above (with the exception of the mug) will be in there eventually and most of them were absolute bargains. I can't remember the exact prices but they were something like: £6.99 for the plate (which is the most expensive by far), £1.50 for the candle holder and 90p for the mug which were reduced in Primark, then £2.50 for the big wall hanging and 70p for the small one.
Primark seem to have completely upped their game recently in terms of homeware and I love that it seems to be pineapples galore at the moment! I've got my eyes on their pineapple duvet set next which will be perfect for the spring/summer time coming up. I'd never even heard of Jysk before until one opened up locally a few months ago. It reminds me of a mini Ikea and they have some great little finds dashed about the place. I know that every blogger and their nan seem to have the H&M marble plate but it really is gorgeous. I was in two minds about paying seven quid for it because it's not the biggest thing in the world but I reckon it will definitely come in handy for blog photos and such as well as a little tray for cups of tea/coffee.
What has been your favourite recent homeware purchase?

Sunday, 29 March 2015

top five : phone apps

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm someone who is a bit of a mobile phone addict. Ever since that fateful day that I bought an iPhone I've been absolutely hooked. There seems to be an app for everything around nowadays. From social media, to fitness, to games that make you want to tear your hair out yet you still carry on playing them (currently looking at you Mr Jump!). Here are the top five that are currently on my phone:

#1 Instagram
How is it that taking photos of your meal, new clothes, or even a bloody chest of drawers that you've just fallen in love with in Ikea is so addictive? Somehow Instagram makes it so. Whether you're an expert photographer or just like to take loads of selfies (and everything in between) it's the app for you. To be fair it's not all about the photos for me. I've gotten to know some lovely people through this app and discovered some amazing photographers too. 

#2 Twitter
Another social media favourite of mine is Twitter. The app is so simple to use and the layout is sleek and very user-friendly. I don't think I've ever known it to glitch either (unlike the facebook app which can be very hit and miss in my opinion). What I like about Twitter is the diversity. You can read up on the news and what's going on in the world, or you can retweet something that's had you giggling like a loon for ten minutes. Oh and just to repeat myself, this is another app that I've met some lovely people on and will hopefully get to meet sometime soon.

#3 Bejeweled Blitz
I don't even know if anyone still plays this because I realise the craze for it was a couple of years ago now but it's still one of my favourite game apps. Basically you match coloured gems for points and there are special gems with power-ups, double points, etc. Each game only lasts 1 minute so if I find myself with a couple of minutes of boredom or I'm waiting around for something then it's perfect.

#4 Timehop
Now who doesn't love looking at old photos of themselves from five years ago when they had that awful hairstyle? Or when they were in the middle of that emo stage? Or when they were dressed in an outfit that at the time felt super cool but in actual fact made them look like a sack of potatos? Timehop goes back through your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc every day and let's you know what you've posted in the past. I've had some pretty terrible posts come up but also some great nostalgic moments which totally make up for the horrors.

#5 QuizUp
Just to make myself sound very sad I do love a good quiz. Not that I'm particularly good at them mind. QuizUp pits you against another player from around the world in quizzes under pretty much every topic you could think of. It really brings out the competitive side in you. I'm pretty badass on the Lost topics but my Geography leaves a lot to be desired..

What are your favourite phone apps?
(You can find other posts on my top five things here.)


Sunday, 22 March 2015

wishlist # 2 - george home

Good Morning Beautiful Cushion
Good Morning Handsome Cushion
Glass Table Lamp - Floral Print
Yellow Ceramic Honeycomb Frame
Retro Spot Bowls - Set of 2
Globe Ornament
Tree Clock
Need for Tea Mug
Whale Bathroom Set

As you possibly already know I moved in with my boyfriend towards the end of last year. Our little flat wasn't the nicest place in the world but we've been lucky that we're able to pretty much do what we want with it despite renting. So far it's had some new coats of paint, new carpets and we've even splashed out on a swanky new sofa. It's getting there but we're not the biggest earners in the world so it's still a work in process and probably will be for a while yet.

The George Home & Garden range at Asda has been one of my saviours when it comes to beautiful homeware on a budget. To look at the items that they sell I don't think you'd ever guess that they'd be from a supermarket brand! The next room on my list is our bathroom where I'm wanting a bit of a nautical theme (predictable, I know!) and the above set is lovely. I'm not sure how you make whales look sophisticated but they've managed to do it somehow. Everything is just so affordable and really well made too. Sometimes when you shop on a budget you have to sacrifice the quality of your items but this definitely isn't the case with George.

Where is your favourite place to shop for homeware?

Saturday, 14 March 2015

bobbi brown makeup counter experience

To say I blog about beauty products, I'm not actually that much of a make up wearer. During the week at work I don't wear a single scrap of it. I'd honestly just rather have those few extra minutes in bed. Then if I go out anywhere during the evening/weekend I'll put on a bit of powder and maybe some mascara and lipstick. I've just never been very skilled at it. At all. It makes me so envious when I see people out and about, or even on Instagram/Twitter, with the most flawless faces of make up. So I've decided to try and teach myself bit by bit. I think it'll be a very long time before I get to the likes of contouring but I'll be happy just to be able to put on eyeliner evenly to be honest. One of my main problems has always been with foundation. I'm ridiculously pale and any liquid foundations that I've tried in the past have been too orange or yellow. I decided to ask my lovely Instagram followers if they could recommend something for me and they were so helpful. Bobbi Brown seemed to be a popular choice so off on a trip I went.


Saturday, 7 March 2015

starting at the gym

I have never in my life been an athletic person. The only time I ever liked doing PE at school was in primary when you just played games with that big parachute thing. Secondary school PE was generally awful and the less said about that the better. If you know me you'll know that I've always been a skinny little thing. It's just how I naturally am. I guess I'm blessed (although I sometimes think cursed is more appropriate) with a very fast metabolism. I can eat as much as I want and hardly ever put any weight on. Unfortunately I have taken this for granted and over the years have developed into a very lazy person. This also means I am horribly unfit. I'm only 23 but honestly sometimes feel at least double my age. So now I've decided it's time for a kick up the bum and a bit of a change to my life.

The main reason I've always been put off of going to the gym before is because of other people. Whenever I've brought up the idea to some they'd either laugh in my face or look concerned. "But there's nothing on you!" "What do you need to go to the gym for? You'll disappear if you lose any weight!" Bla bla bla bla, etc. etc. I'm fed up to my back teeth of people's opinions and this time I'm thinking sod it. I know the reason that I'm going to the gym and it's clearly not to lose any weight. I'm more than happy with how my body looks. It's certainly far from perfect but I know how lucky I am to feel comfortable with it. All I want is to get fit and make my body feel more healthy.

I've now been a member of a local gym for about 2 weeks and I'm enjoying it so much. I never realised you could get such a buzz from exercising. I'll be honest and say that I'm not exactly doing the most strenuous of work outs, but I'm focusing on slowly working my way up and pushing myself more each time. I can't wait to start seeing some results and feeling better in myself!


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

callie rose : world map watch

Today's post is all about this beautiful watch from the online shop Callie Rose. I first discovered them last month on twitter and had a little browse at what they had to offer. They specialise in jewellery but are also starting to branch out into other items such as headbands, keyrings and the cutest quotes which are framed. I've always been a sucker for watches so this one instantly jumped out at me. It was also a bonus that I've been wanting a watch with a world map on it for what seems like forever. There was no way I was missing out with this one!

I ordered my gorgeous watch (which was an absolute bargain at just £3.00!) one lunch time and was amazed when it turned up the very next morning. Fast postage is always a massive plus in my books when it comes to online shops so that was one box ticked already and I'd not even opened the package yet! The next thing I loved was that some sweeties and a little heart-shaped tealight candle had been popped into the parcel with my watch. It was such a lovely touch and everyone loves a freebie, right? Now finally onto the watch itself.. The face is a decent size which is something I personally like and the map is such a pleasant pop of colours. The strap has plenty of holes to adjust the size which is much appreciated when it comes to my child-like wrists. All in all I adore this watch and cannot wait to order from Callie Rose again in the very near future!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

top five : tv shows

I mentioned in my first post after starting up my blog again that I wanted to mix things up a little this time and have more of a variety of post types. A new series that I'll be starting is my 'Top 5' series. I don't really need to explain it I hope as it's pretty self explanatory. I'll cover a whole range of topics within this eg. beauty, entertainment, food, etc.  So, here are my Top 5 TV Shows:


Sunday, 22 February 2015

[very mini] haul : primark

Since moving in to my own place I have quickly learned that I cannot fritter money away like I used to on clothes, accessories and beauty products. Now I need to pay bills, buy food, decorate the flat, and various other grown up stuff. As shallow as it sounds I do find it really hard because I've always been a shopaholic. Buying something from the likes of Topshop is now a very rare treat and I tend to stick to the more budget end. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing though because, as I'm sure you're all aware, Primark sell everything on-trend at the fraction of the prices of other high street shops. When pay day came around on Friday we had a little spare cash after everything was accounted for so I thought I'd treat myself to a few things.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

harry potter studio tour

On Tuesday it was our two year anniversary and instead of buying presents for eachother we decided to have a day out somewhere instead.  Straight away I thought of the Harry Potter Studio Tour and, even though he's not as big a fan as me, Joel agreed to go.  So off we trundled down the motorway for a few hours with me feeling like a kid again!


Sunday, 8 February 2015

wishlist # 1 - missguided

When it comes to online retailers Missguided have to be one of my absolute favourites.  They sell on-trend fashion at affordable prices and the quality is always excellent. These are a few of their items that I wish were currently sat in my wardrobe:
1. Scuba A-Line Shift Dress (£18.00) - This dress covers two of my current favourite trends: monochrome and stripes. It's really simple but you could wear it both during the day and jazzed up a little for a night out.
2. Pointed Toe Chelsea Boots (£35.00) - I'm not usually a big fan of pointy toe shoes but these are quite nice. I have so many pairs of boots already but a girl can never have too many, right?
3. Bet Dogtooth Mini Skirt (£10.00) - How gorgeous is this skirt for just a tenner!? Infact I actually love that whole outfit combo in the picture.
4. Khloe Waterfall Coat (£60.00) - Oh how I wish I could pull this beautiful coat off! Alas my short legs would make me look ridiculous, but I'm still going to dream about owning it...
5. Floral Chiffon Dress (£25.00) - I'm sorry, I just couldn't help but to include a floral number. It's my favourite pattern of all time, duh. This would be so cute for spring. If the weather ever decides to warm up anyway!
6. Aliya Roll Neck Cropped Jumper (£20.00) - Another one of my favourite current trends: roll necks! How can you complain over having a nice toasty neck during winter? It's even more of a bonus if you can do it in such a pretty little jumper.
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